Fantastic plastic whales !

plastic whalesRather than throwing out your plastic bottles, why not use them to make a whale? What you need: empty plastic bottle (without the lid), a sheet of craft foam, fin templates (below),
pen, scissors, glue, decorations (such as googly eyes and stickers) and an adult with a craft
1. Print off this sheet and carefully cut out the tail and fin (ask an adult to help if you need to).
2. With your pen, draw round the tail and flipper template onto your sheet of foam, and cut them out carefully using the scissors. You’ll need one tail but two flippers. Make sure yourtail has a long ‘stalk’ on it, and your flippers have tabs as shown.
3. Slot the tail ‘stalk’ into the end of the bottle.
4. Ask an adult to use the craft knife to cut a small slit either side of the bottle, about a third of the way back from the head end.
5. Slot your foam flippers into the slits. The tabs should help keep them in place.
6. Stick on eyes and any decorations you have!

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