As I Was Coming To School And Other Cool Stuff

FahimBy Fahim
(Nightingal Praimary School)

As I was coming to school, sir,-
To learn my ABC,
I was put in a sack, sir,-
I was runed off on his back, sir,-
By a Scottish who sent me to sea.
And I had to swim all the way back, sir,-
And the waves were thirty foot high, sir,-
And my legs were still in the sack, sir,-
I will not tell a lie, sir,-
I am late for school today.
I’ve seen a scary monkey,
Who looks like a fairy named Tumpky,
Who looks cool you shouldn’t take him as a fool or
Else your doomed or
You’ll be spooned.
You’re so sick,
You have what’s cooled a nit,
And if you snitch or
Tell you’ll itch like hell.
Somebody passed and,
Told their parents and,
Cares that they had a bus pass,
I cast a spell which was very fast!!!

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