Cult UK game show ‘The Crystal Maze’ set to return

Cult UK game show ‘The Crystal Maze’ set to returnAfter a two-decade pause, cult UK TV adventure game show “The Crystal Maze” is making a comeback.
With a familiar format of participants pitting their wits against the tricky challenges inside the eponymous Crystal Maze – with the losers facing vaporization, the show became extremely popular in the UK and overseas.
The big-budget show – which was named the “Greatest UK Game Show of All Time” in a 2006 poll – found broad acclaim in Saudi Arabia, where it was aired on Channel 2.
However, the show’s producers have decided to revamp the familiar format – calling the new iteration a “live immersive experience.”
A post on the show’s Facebook page promises that participates “you’ll get to play the maze just as contestants did on the original show – placing you at the center of the action. What we really want is for people to live the magic of the hit television program for themselves.”
In February, a column in the UK paper The Guardian called for the big-budget show to return, saying it “made every other contemporary game show look like parsimonious gruel.”

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