ADB projects 6.4pc GDP growth for Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s economy is expected to improve this fiscal year as all major economic indicators are showing a sign of improvement, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Thursday.
The ADB in its outlook update report said that Bangladesh’s gross domestic product or GDP will grow by 6.4 percent in the current fiscal year, up from 6.1 percent a year ago.
“We are very positive on Bangladesh’s growth this year,” said Mohammad Zahid Hossain, principal country economist of the ADB.
Zahid presented the findings on the Asian Development Outlook Update (ADOU) 2014, at the ADB’s Dhaka office.
“Import of capital machinery and raw materials are improving. After restructuring, export is also increasing,” he said.
Yet, there are binding limitations in the economy, he said.
According to him, infrastructure constraints, inadequate supply of power, inability to mobilise resources and political unrest could dampen investors’ confidence and economic activities.

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