Changes to Zamzam bottles to meet demand

The King Abdullah Zamzam Water Project has officially begun producing 5-liter Zamzam water bottles.
The National Water Co. (NWC), the main operator of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Zamzam Water Project, has announced the standardization of Zamzam water bottles to a capacity of only 5 liters instead of 10 liters. The new packaging is part of the project’s recent transformation plan in line with Vision 2030 to meet the increasing demand on Zamzam water throughout the year, especially during high season months, which are expected to witness a rise in the number of pilgrims and visitors in the coming years.
The NWC pointed out that it aims to ensure the sustainability of the service provided to pilgrims, adding that the change in the size of containers will help to meet all these requirements.
The NWC said that passengers wishing to take Zamzam water home can get the new 5-liter bottles from King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz International Airport in Madinah. AN Jeddah
The NWC and the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Zamzam Water Project urged all pilgrims and visitors not to deal with street vendors and to get the 5-liter Zamzam water bottles from the official sources, which are available at the project site in Kudai and at airports to ensure the safety and quality of the blessed water.

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