London, Tuesday 30th August 2016, 05:49:55 AM | Last Updated: Saturday 20th August 2016 at 9:36:25 AM

  • Hussain

    5 Year old Boy Memorizes Quran From Radio

    Five-year-old Saudi boy Hussein Mohammad Tahir, visually impaired since birth, managed a feat few able-bodied people can: He memorized the Holy Qur’an just by listening to the radio. The story of the ...

  • theme park

    World largest theme park to open in Dubai

    Dubai Parks and Resorts announced today that the region’s largest theme park destination will open its gates to the public on October 31st, 2016. The unique destination will be comprised of thre...

  • Cars

    Rich Arabs hit UK streets this summer with supercars

    With temperatures soaring in the Middle East, rich Arabs have once again headed to the United Kingdom for the summer. Luxury and sports cars have once again flooded the streets of London, a favourite ...

  • Turky

    Turkish coup attempt quashed as 194 killed in clashes

    An attempted coup by a faction of the armed forces has been quashed, Turkey’s acting military chief of staff says. Umit Dundar said 104 coup plotters had been killed and 1,563 arrested in a night of g...

  • Teresa

    Theresa May takes over as British PM

    Theresa May took over as Britain’s new prime minister on Wednesday, promising a “bold, new, positive role” for the country less than three weeks after its seismic vote to leave the EU. May, the former...

  • theresa may

    Theresa May to become Britain’s next PM

    Prime Minister David Cameron says he will step down on Wednesday, making way for Theresa May to succeed him as British leader. Cameron says it’s clear May has “the overwhelming supportR...

  • Moon

    Moon praises Saudi humanitarian efforts

    Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, second deputy premier and minister of defense, discussed with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issues relating to Syria and Yemen during a meeting at UN headquarters ...

  • Signature

    Brexit revote hits 3mn signatures in just 2 days

    While Britain comes to terms with its dramatic EU exit, a sizable number are trying to prevent just that. A petition to hold a second EU referendum has captured the imagination of the public and three...

  • Khan

    The Famous Islamic Scholar Maulana Muhiuddin Khan passed away

    Maulana Muhiuddin Khan who was one of the most Famous Islamic Scholar in Asia, has passed away (Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeun) in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 25 June Saturday. He was 80 years old. Moulan...



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